Companies that are leveraging the Delfi digital platform as a go-to-market channel


Join the growing list of companies that are benefitting from the Delfi™ digital platform as a go-to-market channel.



Craytive Technologies is a software development company based in the Netherlands. It was established in 2017 by a team with 25 years’ experience in 3D geological reservoir modelling and visualization in the oil and gas and mining industries. BaselineZ, an innovative software platform for 3D Subsurface Data Visualization and Remote Collaboration in Virtual, 混合现实和增强现实, 是由几个E&P and mining companies to better understand its complex subsurface, wells and prospect data and share valuable subsurface knowledge anywhere, 任何时候.



CloudReplica’s flagship service Virtual – Move® will be offered as a Standard Feature inside of Delfi.

自2017年初推出Virtual - Move以来, the service has played a pivotal role with onboarding the upstream industry’s most complex workloads to the cloud. Virtual – Move will expand its role supporting vital on-prem workflows while bridging many hybrid cloud scenarios.

CloudReplica is an internationally recognized leader in data transformation, serving some of the largest energy exploration companies in more than a dozen countries around the world. 总部位于休斯顿, 德州, CloudReplica assists customers with complex data scenarios by facilitating open, 战略性数字化转型.

CloudReplica是云服务产品的先行者, and was one of the very first to perform full server system backup to the cloud. The company continues to develop valuable solutions for transforming data, especially where unique data types and custom coordinate systems present challenges and inhibit most traditional approaches and solutions.



尚祺科技有限公司. is a geoscience consulting and software company based in Calgary, 加拿大, 在世界几个地区都有代表, 包括亚太地区, 南美, 欧洲, 和非洲.

Their QI-Pro software is an interactive tool for the interpretation of multiple attributes, 通过井和生产数据进行可视化验证. It is a fast way to reveal more insight from seismic attributes than previously thought possible while testing scenarios and uncertainties and supporting informed decision-making.



地球科学分析 is an innovative software technology company, established with a clear vision: to build the next generation of subsurface technologies and workflows. 经过验证的人工智能, 机器学习(ML)技术, 以及丰富的领域和行业知识, 地球科学分析 enables rapid digitalization of the energy industry.



INT’s 2D and 3D subsurface data visualization libraries and platform (HTML5) empower energy companies to build digital solutions for the cloud.



Interica提供独特的软件, 咨询公司, and data management services to the oil and gas sector—enabling clients to manage and secure their data while reducing risks and costs.



MySep provides process engineering software for the simulation and design of phase separators. Serving upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas, petrochemical, and bulk chemical industries.



奥利系统 delivers comprehensive process modeling solutions for water chemistry based industrial applications that enhance operational efficiency, 可持续性, 在降低风险的同时提高工程生产率.



法定人数 Energy Suite delivers innovative solutions for planning, 操作, 会计, 测量, 运输, and logistics for oil and gas and renewable energy to proudly serve more than 1,在全球拥有800家客户.



RoQC produces advanced data management tools for OpenWorks, Petrel™ E&P软件平台,以及Studio™E&P知识平台, 包括Petrel平台的RoQC工具, 工作室平台, 和OpenWorks以及用于Petrel平台的RoQC Sync, 电火花, 和透空式.



Tachyus creates technology to optimize energy production for the oil and gas industry and empower producers to make data-driven operational decisions that maximize asset values.



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