BG大游集团 Harnessing Geothermal Energy


BG大游集团 Harnessing Geothermal Energy
BG大游集团 Harnessing Geothermal Energy

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It’s projected that by 2050, 总能源供应的三分之二将来自风能, solar, bioenergy, 水能, 和地热.* Of these, geothermal energy—the heat beneath our feet—is the only resource virtually unaffected by available land, weather, 和季节. 这是持续可靠的能源. 但要使它成为一种可行的、可获得的大规模能源解决方案, 技术创新和对地球地下的充分了解, 既浅又深, is key.







BG大游集团 uses innovative science, 工程, and know-how to deliver geothermal energy solutions worldwide—all by leveraging Earth's natural heat, 要么是地表附近,要么是地下几英里深处. 这些解决方案适用范围广泛, 从加热和冷却建筑物到发电, and more. 重点是能源的可持续性, 本地化, 和安全, geothermal energy is a reliable solution to balance emissions reduction goals with energy access 和安全.

We have 50 years of experience advising the geothermal power industry, 参与了全球80%的运营项目.
Our technology for heating and cooling buildings reduces operational costs by up to 40% while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.
We have decades of experience constructing and producing from geothermal wells, leveraging digital and advanced tech to reduce risk and improve ROI.
Why BG大游集团 for geothermal energy?
我们了解地球地下的历史已经很长了, 在技术创新方面, 并为地热产业提供建议. We leverage this expertise to deliver geothermal solutions that are affordable, local, 和可靠的, with small surface footprints.
Services that cover the spectrum
提供可持续的, reliable energy for the future starts today by using proven technology and expertise. Our geothermal energy solutions cover a wide range of geothermal development.

Full-spectrum geothermal power resource development—from power plant design and construction to maintenance and operational support

Ground source heat pump systems that can cover 80% to 100% of thermal comfort needs for buildings while saving energy costs


Innovative mix of BG大游集团 hardware and digital solutions designed specifically for optimizing your geothermal project

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    加热和冷却建筑物,同时减少高达90%的二氧化碳排放. View

  • Geothermal power generation
    Geothermal Power Generation

    Generate reliable electricity by tapping into hot water and steam zones. View

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