Redefine what’s achievable for your system-level optimization

3D Abstract Image for Performance Assurance Hero 解决方案
Male engineer working on a big piece of equipment


System-level optimization is a big ask, demanding hefty investments in time, effort, and analysis. But it’s crucial to dissolving complexities that impede data delivery to decision makers, to minimizing cumbersome 物流 and related costs, 并最终, to realizing the best overall outcome.


我们明白了. 你想要更多,我们可以帮忙.

Meld expertise, processes, and technologies

Our 协作 ecosystem amplifies digital operations, enabling borderless expertise and melding it with processes and technologies for agile activities. Your decision-making speed and accuracy also increase—assuring safer, 更加一致, and reliably higher performing operations.

Cloud computing accelerates applications and workflows.
数字 ecosystem assures service repeatability and 可靠性.
Autonomy and automation simplify tasks and reduce 物流.
We transform your operations using cloud-based computing, 自主技术, 先进的设备, and borderless expertise that seamlessly combine to measurably improve overall performance for optimal investments and returns.
We link you with our worldwide network of domain experts via a 协作 digital ecosystem that integrates enhanced technologies. This automates common processes so that engineers can focus on assuring your performance.







  • 3D render of cluster of interrelated nodes
    Enhanced technologies for improved well economics with repeatability, 可靠性, 还原碳

    Unite all the technology, engineering, and domain expertise that BG大游集团 has amassed for a century. 视图

  • BG大游集团 Brand Art of an FPSO on the water with a ribbon of blue and white circling the top of the ship.
    Collaborate with an open coalition to accelerate your FPSO performance evolution

    数字ly connect from reservoir to topside to optimize production, 减少碳, 创造新的FPSO价值. 视图

  • Graphic of 3 offshore platforms with multiple wells and long tiebacks supplying a single FPSO.
    Electric 生产系统 for 石油 & 气田
    Reduce your infrastructure and energy requirements while maximizing recovery

    Systemic electrification and digitalization enable material improvements in production and recovery efficiency. 视图

  • Living the 生产 Journey graphic: Configure, Select, Deliver, Produce
    Collaboration to achieve oil and gas development and mature field redevelopment production performance goals

    Select optimal development scenarios, 配置开发选项, and produce at the lowest cost and carbon per barrel. 视图

  • 生产化学物质
    Use the right production chemistry

    石油 and gas production chemicals for flow assurance and asset integrity. 视图

  • 油井增产效果
    Innovative solutions and technologies for optimal well stimulation

    Innovative well stimulation solutions that maximize operational and environmental performance 视图

  • 钻井工程师
    Extended Reach, Horizontal, High DLS, LWD/MWD

    快罗普 & better well placement in extended-reach, 水平, 非传统的, 垫, high-dogleg, and other challenging oil and gas well schemes.  视图


A woman in BG大游集团 blue coveralls looking through a metal shelf
BG大游集团 employee in a lab (Tier 1_Lab_Clamart_OAT_0457)


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